BatCheck for EPOC machines
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. Introduction

Don't lose your precious data...

BatCheck is a small and extremely useful application that monitors the status of the main and backup batteries. A must with rechargeable (NiCd or NiMH) batteries. These keep their voltage constant for a while, then even before your Psion gives you any warning they get exhausted. By configuring BatCheck to your own needs you will be warned in time to change batteries.

Try BatCheck, and there will be one less thing to worry about!

. Features
  • Unlike other programs that only tell you the status of the batteries when they are in foreground, BatCheck will gauge the battery levels at certain time intervals (1-60 minutes, selectable).
  • Normally the program sits in the background using virtually no battery power itself, wakes up when its time for a checking, and goes back to sleep if the batteries are good, without disturbing you or being noticed. If the batteries are not good, the program comes to the foreground and warns you.
  • You can select two warning levels for both the main and backup batteries: a 'low' and a 'replace' voltage level. By setting a warning level higher than the built-in levels you can prevent accidents caused by sudden battery power loss.
  • If you want, you can ask the program not to warn you repeatedly, only once the first time when the main or backup levels reach the low level. Next time it will only warn you if the machine has been switched off then back on, or when they reach the replace level.
  • You can ask the program to do a check at every switching on. If you have lots of other startup programs, you can select a delay time for battery check (0-20 seconds), so it will pop up after all the startup programs are done with their jobs.
  • You can also ask the program to monitor if the external power is connected or not. This is great if you use your machine plugged-in, and the plug slips out of the machine without being noticed.
  • (NEW!) You can select a top limit for the main batteries, to prevent accidental overcharge of rechargeable batteries by the mains adaptor.
  • The program will tell you the voltage in 2 decimal values for greater accuracy (e.g. 2.28 Volts).
  • Toolbar support and full system-compliance. Help file included.
. More screenshots
. Suggested settings
I use NiMH batteries myself, and the suggested warning levels with these are (Series 5/5mx):
  • Main batteries low: 2.3 V
  • Replace main batteries: 2.1 or 2.15 V
  • Backup battery low: 2.5 V
  • Replace backup battery: 2.3 V
  • Main battery top limit: 3.1 V (overcharge protection)
Of course these values are just suggestions, they work well for me, but your mileage might vary. Test your own batteries, and set values that best fit your needs.
. Downloading

Download BatCheck version 1.2 (English only Palm-Tec version in a SIS package)

BatCheck is FREEWARE. I made it because I have almost lost all my data from my Psion, some program source codes even got damaged. Well, I learned the lesson that rechargeables tend to die fast, so here is a solution.

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If you have any comments, questions or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact me here.

Thank you for trying BatCheck!

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