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. Introduction

A recent backup can save the day...

FlashBack is a fully customisable compact flash-based backup utility. It is sophisticated yet easy to use. Just create a profile of all your important files or folders that are often changed, and backup with a single push of a button anytime.

If you try FlashBack, you won't be sorry. If you don't, maybe you will be...

. Features
  • You can define three profiles with completely independent settings. Each profile can store up to 120 items. An item can be a single file, a file folder, or an entire folder tree. This way, if a file folder grows or changes, its new files and folders will automatically be included and updated.
  • Built-in encryption. Uses encryption technology from the author's other shareware program, Encrypt-it! This will ensure the highest security and full compatibility with your other encrypted files.
  • A reminder to alert you when a scheduled backup is due.
  • Backup with one push of a button: you can create a desktop shortcut for a profile. Clicking on this shortcut will start the program, backup files for the selected profile automatically, and quit the program when the task is finished. A convenient way to backup directly from ExtraBars, HotKeys or Macro5!
  • You can define whether you want to close open files and reopen them, simply close them, or just skip the process after backup.
  • You can even configure the program to backup from one compact flash card to another! Just use one profile to backup from the card to the internal drive temporarily, change cards, and use another profile to backup these files to the other card.
  • Built-in battery level check and other convenient functions.
  • Full pen support, graphical printing, Topic Help screens, and detailed Help file.
. Screenshots
. What's new?
  • A true synchronise mode has been added: FlashBack can remove files in the destination folders that no longer exist in their original location.
  • Option to archive 2 versions of the file: if an older version of the file exists in the destination folder, it will be renamed, and the new version backed up to the folder.
  • The progress window now shows only those file names that are indeed backed up, not every file the program is examining.
  • The Create shortcut dialog has been improved, and no longer causes a crash when the name of the profile contains spaces.
  • Folder trees are now scanned using a new, improved algorithm.
  • Contacts, Email and ExtraBars applications are correctly closed and restarted.
  • "Working..." is displayed during a backup.
. Downloading

Download FlashBack 1.2 (SIS installer)

Click here to register FlashBack:

Please read the Disclaimer included with the Readme file as well as the Help file.

Thank you for trying FlashBack!

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