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Moon is a small and handy application that displays the current phase of the Moon. It also tells you when is the next event coming and what is it, as well as the date of the next New Moon. It doesn't use much memory, so you can leave it running all the time. If you want, it pops up whenever you switch on the machine. To hide it again just click elsewhere on the background, click on an application button or press "h". You can specify where you want it on the screen, and also if you want to have a blank background or not. (Hidden thing: to see an animation of all phases click on the About button in the toolbar). :-)

To keep it fast and small Moon doesn't calculate the age of the moon. Instead, it comes with a small database file for each year. You can leave this databases in the Moon folder, and delete the old one when a new year is coming. If you click on the top button of the toolbar Moon will display you the database of the whole year, so you can locate e.g. all Full Moons easily. If you want to get more accurate information about the Moon try Procyon X, the professional astronomy program.

Moon is FREEWARE. I made it for fun, and also because of a software request by Tom Trevorrow that I found on the Total S5! site. If you like it, please also try my other programs. Thank you.


Download Moon for Series 5 version 1.01

Download Mondphase version 1.01d (German version)

Download the database files for years 2005-2007.

This version was compiled on February 5, 1998. The databases for the years 1998-2000 are included with the program, and you can download the database files for years 2005-2007 separately. Just copy these files into the folder where Moon has been installed (e.g. c:\system\apps\moon\), and they will be automatically recognised.

German version by (Deutsche Uebersetzung): Christian Bruss: Thank you Christian, great job!)

If you have any comments, questions or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact me here.

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