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. Welcome to my homepage! What's new?
The Pocket IQ site is unfortunately down, its future is currently under discussion. However, you can still download and register my programs through the specific pages of my programs (see below). I have also set up another e-mail contact address to compensate for the loss of my previous e-mail address. Thank you for your patience.
Special offer! Register Encrypt-it!, and get a free registration code for FlashBack! Or, register FlashBack, and get a free registration code for Encrypt-it! Well, that's the same... Anyway, you get the idea. Two products for the price of one.
The new database files for Moon are now available. These cover the years 2005-2007, we'll see if there will be any interest in Moon after 2007. :-)
PhotoPal has been updated to handle the unique CCD chip sizes and lens focal lengths of digital cameras.
Encrypt-it! has been reviewed in detail in the German magazine Palmtop Pro. Andreas Thaler, a registered Encrypt-it! user from Austria writes (translated from German): "I wanted to protect my private data not only from our secretary but potentially also from NSA, therefore I registered the feature-loaded security program Encrypt-it! ... version 4.0 of the program is absolutely bug-free, and is also used daily by the author himself ... a truly excellent program!"
PhotoPal version 2.2 has been released. New features include support for digital camera chip sizes, a new angle-of-view calculator, bellows factor calculator, exposure value (EV) calculator, and many more.
A manual in the popular PDF format has been released for Encrypt-it! To read it you will need to install the Adobe Acrobat Reader on your PC.
I am proud to present you Encrypt-it! version 4.0. It's completely redesigned new interface is easier to use than ever. Several useful features have been added like a stand-alone disk wiping tool, better document launching, and a lot more. Download it today and experience the best protection for your files!
. My programs for the Psion Series 5 and 5mx computer
Encrypt-it! A high security file encryption utility. Current version: 4.0
[English, Italian, German, French, Dutch, Danish, Hungarian]
FlashBack A fully customisable compact flash-based backup utility. Current version: 1.2
Statistics A statistical utility featuring the most often used statistical functions. Current version: 1.1
BatCheck A small program to monitor the main and backup battery levels. Freeware. Current version: 1.24
[English, German, French, Dutch, Hungarian]
PhotoPal A full collection of utilities designed for serious amateur or professional photographers. Freeware. Current version: 2.3
Moon A small program to display the current phase of the Moon. Freeware. Current version: 1.01
[English, German]
All of my programs run on the Psion Series 5, Series 5mx and compatible EPOC machines (Psion Series 7, Psion netBook, Ericsson MC-218, Revo, Geofox One).
. All the other stuff that must exist on a homepage :-)
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