Statistics for the Psion Series 5

. Introduction
If you are frequently using statistical functions and are not completely satisfied with the statistical capabilities of the Sheet application in Psion Series 5, then this is the right program for you. With Statistics you can easily analyse your data.
    There are seven major statistical modules:
  • Basic statistics: average, sum, standard deviation, standard error, variance, smallest and largest numbers in the data sets.
  • Percentile calculations based on the normal (Gaussian) distribution curve (also plot).
  • Linear regression: slope, intercept of the regression curve, regression coefficient calculation, linear curve fitting (also plot).
  • Estimation of a X- or Y-value within the linear curve if one of them is known.
  • F-test for the analysis of difference between variances.
  • Student t-test for the analysis of significances: two-sample t-test assuming equal variances (homoscedastic), two-sample t-test assuming unequal variances (heteroscedastic), paired t-test for means. Easy-to-understand interpretation of the significance result.
  • I designed a special Expert that will help you to choose the right statistical function for your data. It even recommends special methods that are outside of the boundaries of the program.
  • A lot more coming in version 2.0!
  • Input as many as 100 X- and Y-value pairs. (More to come in version 2.0)
  • Import data from the built-in Sheet application. Data import from Word or Data are also possible.
  • Scrollable column display of the data.
  • Open and Save data files.
  • Full pen support.
  • Help file, with descriptions of the built-in functions.
  • Small program size, easy-to-use interface.
  • Can be run from either C: or D: drive.
. Screenshots

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. Other reading (Reviews)

Read Steve Litchfield's review about Statistics.

. Downloading

An upgrade to Statistics is long overdue. Unfortunately my daytime job keeps me extremely busy, and the little time I can spend on programming was used for my other programs. Recently Palmscape stopped carrying shareware, and Pocket IQ is now marketing my programs. Statistics won't be available for downloading until a new version is complete, but you can still download (and register if you wish) the latest Palmscape version of the program.

Download Statistics (version 1.1)

This version was compiled on March 28, 1998. Please read the Disclaimer included with the Readme file as well as the Help file.

Thank you for trying Statistics.

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