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. Introduction
So why do you need a good encryption software?

  • Because the password encryption of the Word or Sheet application does not give a secure protection for your important business or private data.
  • Because Data and Agenda files are not protected at all.
  • Because the power-on password is not the strongest protection either.
  • Because data stored on Compact Flash cards are not protected at all.
  • Because even if you trust the protection of the Series 5, as soon as you copy your files to a PC, or perform a backup, your data is no more protected.
  • And so on...
So why don't you try the award-winning Encrypt-it! for Series 5?
It runs on the following palmtops: Psion Series 5, 5mx, 7, netBook, Revo and other EPOC compatible machines (Ericsson MC-218, Geofox One, Oregon Scientific Osaris).
. Features
  • Featuring two very strong algorithms: a 256-bit RC-4-workalike and a 128-bit Safer SK. They are both used in many commercial applications like Netscape, Oracle, Lotus Notes, Apple security, etc. So far no one could crack them!
  • Written in C++ and supplied as an OPX file, these algorithms work very fast: the top speed of RC-4WA is 90 kB/s, and Safer SK-128 is 52 kB/s (measured on a 1.5 MB file). This means that a typical file of 30 kB is processed in less than a second!
  • Encrypt-it! is the only encryption program to use a one-way hash message digest function (Secure Hash Algorithm, programmed in C++) to make the final key used by the algorithm very secure.
  • It scrambles simple passwords like "NikonF5" into almost true random characters.
  • Furthermore, the program is able to generate unique keys even if you use the same password for several files.
  • Securely wipes files before deletion to ensure that portions of files can't be recovered using disk editors.
  • With all these features Encrypt-it! is the strongest and fastest encryption utility ever created for a Psion palmtop!

  • The program itself is small, and very easy to use.
  • Encrypts and decrypts any type of file.
  • Batch mode: select up to 100 files from any folders, even entire folders, then encrypt/decrypt them using a single push of a button. You can even mix files to be encrypted and files to be decrypted in the list.
  • Quick Decrypt function: if you want, you can decrypt a file quickly by launching it from the system screen.
  • Quick Update function: the program launches files after decrypting them (Data, Agenda, Word, and most files created by third-party programs). After you edited the file it encrypts the file automatically. If the file was not changed, the un-encrypted version is wiped and deleted from the disk to make the process really safe. This is a great way to password protect even Agenda and Data files!
  • Also features a stand-alone wiping tool: use it to "wipe" the free space on either the internal drive or a compact flash disk. This way, sensitive data even from deleted, un-encrypted files can't be recovered.
  • Compresses Data files before encrypting to save disk space.
  • Special integration with VReader5 to password protect text, e-text and tcr files.
  • The program comes with an extended Help file.
. Screenshots
. What's new?
  • The interface of the program has entirely been redesigned. The main dialog is now multi-tabbed (it uses nMPD.OPX), with all the options and functions logically arranged.
  • A stand-alone wiping tool has been added: use it to "wipe" the free space on either the internal drive or a compact flash disk. This way, sensitive data even from deleted, un-encrypted files can't be recovered.
  • During decrypting or Quick updating, if you mistype a password, you now have one more chance to enter it correctly.
  • The program can check if a file with the same name (and potentially newer content) already exists when decrypting. You can select from three options: always overwrite these existing files, never overwrite, or ask you first.
  • The Quick update routine uses a different, slightly faster method to launch files. Also, all current and future files are recognised by this routine (if they have a unique icon at the system screen). Text files are now launched using the Symbian Text Editor.
  • New options are introduced like setting an initial batch folder, or disabling masking of the password. This latter is great if you want to copy/paste long passwords directly into the password-entry field.
  • Support to run from drive E: has been added.
  • Other minor bug-fixes and optimisations.
. Reviews and Awards

Review by Steve Litchfield (3-Lib). Please click here to read it.

Encrypt-it! has been chosen in February 1998 Shareware Product of the Week by Paul Law (LHC Software) and Adrian Harper (Total S5). You can read their review here.

Stefan Smith (5Alive) wrote a very detailed review, that also covers encryption issues on palmtop computers. Please click here to read it.

In May 1998, PsionKing at PDA Central (Tucows) rated Encrypt-it! 5 Cows (the best) !

Also in May 1998, The Psioneer Online Magazine published a small review about the program. It can be read here.

Palmtop Magazine (issue 34) in 2001 reviewed version 4.0, and here is what they said about the program: "So fast that for small files it´s difficult to time its encryption and decryption speed... A wealth of options...".

. Downloading

Download Encrypt-it! version 4.0

Click here to register Encrypt-it:

Please read the Disclaimer included with the Readme file as well as the Help file.
This SIS file contains the English and international versions. Italian translation by Paolo Esini. French translation by Gérald Aubard. German translation by Kajetan Hundhammer. Dutch translation by Frederik Gallon. Danish translation by Michael Degn. Hungarian translation by the author.

Download the Encrypt-it! user manual (PDF format)

To read this manual you will need to install the Adobe Acrobat Reader on your PC.

Thank you for trying Encrypt-it!

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