PhotoPal for Psion Series 5 and 5mx I am a proud member of Pocket IQ

. Introduction

PhotoPal is a full collection of utilities designed for serious amateur or professional photographers.


  • Depth of field calculations: hyperfocal distance, near and far distance, focus and aperture calculators. Custom film sizes can be configured, great option to input CCD size of digital cameras.
  • Flash calculations: flash distance, flash aperture, flash bounce calculators.
  • General calculations: lens choice, film speed, angle of view, close-up ratio, bellows factor, EV and EV difference calculators.
  • Scanning calculations: file size, resolution on screen, resolution for printing calculators.
  • Launch of databases, one database included (Reciprocity failure or films), up to 5 more databases configurable.
  • Second ticker, useful for better timing of long (bulb) exposures. Audible signal and/or LED blinking, display of elapsed seconds.
  • Lots of configurable preferences.
  • Help included with the program.
. Screenshots
. What's new?
  • You can configure 2 custom film sizes. Great for professional digital camera users. Just enter the dimensions of the CCD chip, and you can calculate hyperfocal distance, depth of field, etc.
  • The depth of field calculators can now use two circle of confusion values: one calculated from the Zeiss formula, and one called 'optimal' that most books tend to use. Choose the one that best fits your needs.
  • New functions: angle of view calculator, bellows factor calculator, EV calculator.
  • Support to run from drive E: has been added (netBook, Series 7).
  • Bug fixes and optimisations in the EV difference and various Flash calculators.
  • Redesigned preferences dialog, with several more options and defaults selectable.
. Downloading

Download PhotoPal version 2.3 (Executable only, replace from version 2.2 installation with this new one)

Download PhotoPal version 2.2 (SIS installer)

The program is FREEWARE.

PhotoPal is also available for the Psion Series 3x machines (3a,3c,3mx) thanks to György Fleischman who has ported the program to these. You can find this program here.

Thank you for trying PhotoPal!

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