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FlashBack beta information page
. Current version available: 1.0 final Sep 15, 1999
. This page has been last updated: Sep 15, 1999

. History of Bugs and Fixes:
# Bug description Explanation and solution Status
1. After installing the program using the SIS installation package, the message "Incompatible OPX version" appears and the program doesn't start. I accidentally included an older version of the file SystInfo.opx that was originally developed by RMRSoft. With EPOC release 5 Symbian has updated this OPX to version 5. Program version 1.0 beta at the Palmscape page now has the right file in it. Fixed in 1.0 beta
2. When creating a shortcut for a profile that has a complex name (e.g. "Joe's Backup/2") the program crashes with the error message: "Error in FlashBack/CreateShortcut". After this, renaming this profile will sometimes also crash the program. For complex names the program temporarily created a shortcut named "Backup", and then tried to rename it to its real profile name. As a coincident, the same name is used by the EPOC file system to identify files created by the program. This way, the file "Backup" automatically seems to be in an "In Use" state and it can't be closed or renamed.
Fix: now the temporary shortcut name is Backup1 .. Backup3 depending on the profile number.
Fixed in 1.0 beta #2
3. Sometimes the "Last backup performed" date does not change to "0 days ago" after a backup. The initialisation file was not saved when the program exited right after a backup. Fixed in 1.0 beta #2
4. Some applications like Notepad are not closed by the program correctly during a backup. Before closing applications the program sends them an "Esc" character to exit a dialog if they have been waiting in the background with a dialog displayed. Also, this alone can close some programs. Unfortunately, Notepad uses the "Esc" character to do something special, it displays a dialog, and does not exit. Fixed in 1.0 beta #2
5. Very rarely, when backing up full folder trees, only the first some folders are copied correctly. The rest is copied to files and not copied as a folder tree. This is not a bug, only indicates that sometimes the program temporarily uses much memory. If you don't have that memory, or the memory is fragmented, the above problem shows up. Please do a soft reset and try to make at least 1 MB RAM available in the internal drive (which is good for the overall performance of your machine anyway). Not a bug
6. When copying the c:\system\ folder, a file called c:\system\temp\flashbackdat.tmp is not being copied, because it is open. This file is a temporary file created then deleted by FlashBack, and I really should skip copying this file, so that you are not presented by this error. Fixed in 1.0 final
7. The launching of Help files causes problems. They are treated in a special way by the Task list and the File system. Fixed in 1.0 beta #2

Thank you for trying FlashBack!

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